First meeting of EuroLII, October 3rd 2011


The first Member States’ meeting of the EUROLII initiative was hosted by Institute of Theory and Techniques of Legal information of the National Research Council of Italy (ITTIG) on the 3rd October 2011, in Florence. The event has been organised by ITTIG and the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII). Representatives of academia, governmental and international bodies from all over Europe have attended, following their expression of interest and intention to collaborate on the EuroLII project.

The meeting been planned as a starting point to put the foundation for the creation of a network of excellence of free access legal data providers and academia representatives with a potential to effectively contribute to free access to national European legal material by planning a common strategy on issues of a technological and documentary nature. The meeting was successful in that a general consensus has been reached among the participants on the value of collaborating to the EuroLII project. In practice this will involve the long-term aim of building an open system for supporting the creation, access and preservation of primary legal information around Europe.

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